Magnetic Force Feedback Joysticks

Iris Dynamics Ltd. has the only magnetic force feedback joystick on the market today. Iris produces the following joystick devices:



Iris Magnetic Suspension Joystick – This new style of joystick is beautiful in its simplicity. With just one moving part, it removes the mechanics used by traditional active joysticks. The main component of the device silently glides along programmable magnetic fields (similar in concept to magnetic levitation trains). With its functions being done in software, there is zero maintenance,  drastically less risk of failure, and the ability to provide the user with a realistic  interactive experience.

  • Smallest and most compact system
  • Capable of generating forces within a millisecond of receiving a signal, within milligrams of resolution
  • Completely silent with zero mechanical noise
  • Intended to be used with fine finger moments
  • Best suited to very fine force applications
  • Can be scaled down for use in active thumb sticks


The Iris Magnetic Suspension Joystick can be programmed to provide the user a wide array of tactile experiences and force effects, such as: vibrations, rumble, ramps, soft stops, sticking, slipping, springing, damping, shaking, bouncing, pulsating, bumps, warbles, wind-shear, jerking, rattling, jolts, abrupt stops, viscosity, clunking, clicking, scraping, skipping, gear shifting, torque control, and a variety of other physical forces. The possibilities are many.

The Iris Dynamics Magnetic Suspension Joystick is the ideal controller for virtual reality systems, advanced video games, aerospace and defense, simulation and training systems, remote control, heavy equipment, drone (UAV) operation, submersibles, and many other  applications.

Magnetic Suspension Joystick Datasheet


Development kits available. Please contact us for additional information.



Iris Linear Glide Joystick – An active joystick the uses magnetic force feedback actuators – This higher force joystick designed for larger machines requiring greater operator strength.

  • Most powerful system
  • Intended to be used with a full hand grip
  • Best suited for use in high force applications (replicating aircraft controls)
  • Can be scaled up for use in floor mounted sticks and cyclics

Linear Glide Joystick Datasheet

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Appropriate patents are pending for the above devices and related technologies